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Discover the 
Launch, Grow, Thrive 

to Launch a Wildly Profitable Healthcare Staffing Firm

Create A Powerful AND Profitable Impact In The Healthcare Industry Even If You Have ZERO Experience!

Join us LIVE, October 31st - November 4th

Discover the 
Launch, Grow, Thrive 

to Launch a Wildly Profitable Healthcare Staffing Firm

Create A Powerful AND Profitable Impact In The Healthcare Industry Even If You Have ZERO Experience!

Next Challenge - August 26th - 30th, 2024
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Discover the 
Launch, Grow, Thrive 

to Launch a Wildly Profitable Healthcare Staffing Firm

Create A Powerful AND Profitable Impact In The Healthcare Industry Even If You Have ZERO Experience!

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August 26th - 30th, 2024, at 11am CST


Wherever You Are! 
(Zoom Live Event)


1-2 Hours / Day

Have You Been Dreaming of Launching Your Own Healthcare Staffing Firm?

In just days you'll discover:

  • The Queen of Staffing, Nicole Caillier's, 7-figure secrets that helped her launch and grow a WILDLY PROFITABLE healthcare staffing firm (and how you can too)!
  • Why the Launch, Grow, Thrive™ Framework is the perfect system for launching your healthcare staffing firm (it's been used to launch 400+ firms to date).
  • How to create massive income and impact in the staffing industry!
  • ​How to build your high-volume staffing firm in record timing (timing is everything)!
  • How to keep your costs LOW and Your Profits HIGH!
  • Why all staffing niches aren't created equal!
  • How to thrive in this Billion-Dollar industry (even if you don’t have any experience)!
Taking part in this challenge requires ZERO experience as a business owner - and ZERO experience in the healthcare industry.

All you need is the commitment to show up and learn.

This is a very real opportunity to create HUGE income and impact in the healthcare staffing industry - and in record time!

Here’s A Breakdown Of What You’ll Learn:

Topic 1: Mindset & Money - R.E.A.L. Revenue Formula
Our SIGNATURE revenue strategy, designed to help you establish your money mindset, set intentions, and get clarity on your financial goals.
Topic 2: Your Geography Matters - Geography Profit Matrix
The proprietary matrix that will help you identify and choose a viable geography for a FULLY THRIVING staffing firm.
Topic 3: Choosing Your Niche - Riches in Niches
The #1 assessment tool you NEED to choose your niche with clarity and confidence.
Topic 4: Business Growth Secrets - The Time Collapse Code (aka My BEST Business Advice!)
Gain access to this MUST-KNOW mathematical formula that will help you scale a business AND create a life you love simultaneously.
Topic 5: Business Success Secrets - Naming Your Agency
Your agency name is a KEY part of your brand and message! Get access to our GAME-CHANGING training on establishing your authority. 

PLUS: Full-team support, encouragement from an ENTIRE community of like-minded launchers, daily prizes, and SO much more! 

Hi There, I 'm Nicole Caillier

A.K.A. The Queen Of Staffing

In 2005, with a pink slip in hand, I made the spontaneous decision to launch my first healthcare staffing firm.

Think that’s a strange business to start out of the blue?

Let me explain my story: After becoming a Mom, I was empowered with such a strong sense of responsibility that I adopted a new life mission:

I was determined to do whatever I had to do to support my baby. After three unsuccessful attempts, I completed nursing school and took my first steps into the healthcare industry.

But my journey wasn’t quite as straightforward as you might expect:

After working countless shifts in healthcare facilities...

Spending endless hours climbing the nursing ladder…

I decided I wanted to gain back control of my life. I wanted to own my time, freedom, and income - and clocking in and out was NEVER going to get me there.

But I still wanted to continue working with the healthcare industry, making a difference and saving lives: Fast-forward to 2005, and I started my first healthcare staffing firm.

For the first time in my life, I was at the controls: building a national healthcare staffing firm and making an impact in thousands of lives. And more importantly: My own life!

Featured In

Learn how Dr. Nicole turned a pink slip into a healthcare staffing empire…and how you can too!

Just ONE decision has the power to impact your life FOREVER

Limited Space Available

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A Healthcare Staffing Business Provided Me With Opportunities I Thought I’d Never Have:

  • The ability to create thousands of jobs
  • Helping countless facilities
  • Generating MILLIONS of dollars in revenue

These opportunities changed my life!

I now have a Ph.D. in Healthcare Staffing and have invested over 40,000 hours of my time in becoming a leading authority in this industry.

As a result: I’ve been able to share my blueprint to success with others who are desperate to launch a staffing firm of their own… Or even relaunch their underperforming firm!

I’ve been the private advisor to some of the most well-known healthcare staffing firms in the country. This is your opportunity to follow in their footsteps!

Secure Your Place Inside The 
“Ready To Launch” Challenge

What's Included

  • LIVE ​In-Depth Trainings With The Queen of Staffing
  • ​Access To The Private Challenge Circle Community
  • ​Lifetime Access To The Challenge Workbook
  • ​Our Intention-Setting R.E.A.L Revenue Formula
  • ​The Instant Lead Generating Geography Matrix
  • ​The #1 Tool To Help You Define Business Success
  • ​The Formula You Need To COLLAPSE Time And CREATE Freedom
  • ​How To Build A Successful Brand Message
  • ​A Supportive Community Of Like-Minded Launchers
  • ​Daily Prizes And Giveaways
  • ​And So Much More!


Next Challenge - August 26th - 30th, 2024

Watch these 
Success Stories 
From A Few Of Our Graduates!


Using the Launch, Grow, Thrive Framework, over 400 Staffing Firms Just Like These Have Successfully LAUNCHED

Now it's your turn!

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About the Challenge:


Zero To Launched In Just 4 Weeks!

"I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to join Nicole's program. The program provides a strategic framework step by step process for starting a Healthcare Staffing Agency. All you have to do is follow her lead. In addition to following the business plan, Nicole helped set business goals and pushed me to stay on track." 

Zero To Launched In Just 6 Weeks!

"I loved the Program because it was personal, valuable, and fun. Nicole not only helped me start my staffing business but she showed me the mindset needed to create success along with adding value through my business."

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

Nicole and her team have helped me increase my confidence in being a business owner. I resonate with her beginning story so much as a single mother and an RN. This program allowed me to step out on faith. I have always known that I was called for greatness and to be a person of Abundance. With this program I was able to increase my professional accountability by accomplishing each step to launch my agency! I also was able to negotiate my first contract within one week of launching. This is something that would have been difficult to accomplish on my own. I feel like I have an impactful headstart in the healthcare staffing industry. Thank you for this opportunity


From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the Launch program because it provided me with the push, practical information, and peer support that I needed to make my dreams of owning a staffing agency a reality! Nicole helped me to move forward with clarity and confidence; empowering me to realize the power of a progressive mindset and the action potential of effective strategies. I am grateful to Nicole for believing in me, challenging me, and guiding me throughout this journey!"

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because It allowed me to realize my potential as a business owner. It shifted my way of thinking from nursing to business. Nicole helped me by giving me every tool necessary to become successful in this Industry. I was able to launch my staffing firm quickly and efficiently."

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because this program provided me with the blueprint to create my very own staffing firm with insight and confidence . Nicole helped me to understand the 80/20 rule and realize the true capabilities within that help to bring about growth."

Signed contract the week before her final session

I am a nurse and had dreamed of owning my own business. I had been in the education arena but needed a more sustainable income.

My journey to open a staffing agency began when I entered into Nicole’s VIP sessions. Nicole prepared weekly sessions and coached me with each sequential step to open my staffing agency. Nicole’s expertise brings more value than money can state.

The week before my final session with Nicole, I had a signed contract. This specific contract was signed because Nicole had coached me through calling a facility and “hearing what their needs were”. Nicole specifically talked with me about caring about people more than a signed contract. Her genuine passion for this industry was displayed in every word she taught.

I can not thank Nicole enough for encouraging and coaching me into my own staffing agency. I highly recommend Nicole’s VIP sessions. The value far supersedes the monetary amount.

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

Success leaves clues. I have always had a burning desire to become an entrepreneur as well as create a stream of income that could produce generational wealth for me and my family. My prayer was for financial abundance and the ability to be home more with my family. That’s when I stumbled upon Nicole’s Program.

Joining the program was a no brainer for I saw the value in her program and the wisdom she possessed from the beginning. I am beyond grateful for Nicole’s mentorship, guidance, kindness, and willingness to share her experiences and knowledge.

The information she shares is invaluable and like no other source. Through this program I have gained the knowledge, skill, and confidence to communicate with both clients and applicants. And due to this program I have began my journey as an entrepreneur in a field I am very much so passionate about.

I completed this program as a mother of 3, working 48-60 hours a week, and a full time graduate student.

Although, this presented as a challenge all in itself, the urgency in the time frame and expectations of Nicole and her team produced a sense of accountability that made me want to push through.
Shaneka J

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because I have all the necessary tools to excel in the staffing industry. Nicole has not only increased my knowledge but also my confidence by preparing and providing examples how to solve unforeseen issues."
Shanece & Sherita

From 0 to Launched in 11 Days

"We loved the program because it helped us get a better understanding of the staffing industry and how to be successful. Nicole helped us to transform our ideas into reality, with the reassurance that things are being done the correct way. She gives off positive energy, you can't help but to feel empowered when listening. The information in her program is valuable and we would recommend to others serious about getting involved in the staffing industry."

Helps you be authentically successful

Nicole is a passionate business leader with a deep conviction about the true value of purpose. She has an extraordinary ability to recognize other people’s entrepreneurial genius and provide the exact tools and know-how to help you be authentically successful and build real wealth. I am privileged to know Nicole and would invite others reading this not to hesitate to seek out a VIP Day with Nicole or join her program if you truly want to move forward. If you’ve been looking for someone who has the personal and financial results to show for what they’ve been “preaching” – then, look no further than Nicole. She walks her talk 100%!

From scared to "the best decision ever"

The past 30 days have been life changing. At first, I was scared, nervous, and afraid. I feared making wrong decisions and afraid of failing. After completing the pasts weeks I feel like a made the best decision since becoming a Nurse. Thank you for sharing your resources and your experiences. June was a month of roller coasters emotionally, and I learned so much. I learned how to navigate difficult conversations and how to say NO when its not a good fit for me or the company. I genuinely appreciate this experience and the gems that you shared with the weekly group calls. Please stay in touch, and I would love to sign up for continued mentorship and guidance.

Signed an 88 facilities agreement on her first try

"With Nicole's mentorship and step-by-step guidance, my vision for being an entrepreneur became reality. I gained more than just the knowledge of how healthcare staffing works, I also gained the skills needed to ensure my agency succeeds. Using the methods Nicole taught me, I signed a corporate contract providing staff for 88 facilities statewide on my first try!!!"
Colleen S

Catapulted business to the next level

First let me begin by saying thank you for your professional sessions to help catapult my business to the next level. Nicole was very informative and offered great resources. She exceeded my expectations while making the experience one to remember. I am thankful for the assistance with professional development, focusing on business structure, and overall company etiquette. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to get to the next level!

From 0 to Launched in 4 Weeks

I have to admit, I was somewhat apprehensive on how we would be able to start a business in 6 weeks, but we launched in 4!

The strategy that was created for us to establish ourselves in the healthcare staffing arena was well organized and thought out. I am so grateful for what I have learned in the Launch program. I can take the same methodology and apply it to any aspect of allied healthcare services, which is huge.

We began our journey on October 6th and launched October 30th!
We are diligent and consistent with doing all the steps we were taught and super excited for the future.

Join A Supportive Community Of  
Like-Minded Launchers

I’m Ready To Go From DREAMER To LAUNCHER And Make My Healthcare Staffing Firm A Reality!

Limited Space Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Challenge For?

Whether you’re aspiring and you’ve always dreamed of launching a wildly profitable healthcare staffing firm, nurse staffing agency, or nurse staffing business OR you’re already established and want to give your current healthcare staffing firm a new lease on life, then this class is for you.

Who is this challenge not for?

This challenge is not for opportunists. If you are simply curious about business, this class is not for you. If you’re looking for very general information found in free Facebook groups or Youtube, this isn’t for you.

Why is this class only $97?

Currently, general admission is $97 for the full Challenge. Dr. Nicole Caillier is super-passionate about helping highly motivated entrepreneurs succeed in the healthcare staffing industry. With an increasing demand for her services, she’s able to serve more entrepreneurs by hosting these challenges. She understands the foundation of a healthcare staffing firm is the MOST important part of the process.

Is the training live each day?

Yes, the training sessions are LIVE daily for general admission tickets. Recordings are available for 24 hours following each live session in the event you’re unable to attend the LIVE daily. In the evening, you are encouraged to complete the assigned homework for each day.

*NOTE: Some content may be pre-recorded.

If I can't finish the Challenge, can I get a refund or move to a waitlist?

As this is an online event with downloadable content, there are no refunds available.

WAITLIST POLICY: Participants are allowed a one-time opportunity to move to the subsequent challenge week if they are unable to attend the challenge week they originally signed up for. No refunds will be provided under any circumstances once enrolled. By signing up for a challenge week, participants agree to these terms.
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